Who’s Mollie? What’s WMGT?

I’m Mollie and I am the content creator, influencer and travel personality behind wheresmollie.com – a top UK travel and adventure lifestyle blog.

I had been working full time on Where’s Mollie? for 3 years when, at the start of 2017, I felt a huge shift. I decided that I was ready to explore a less virtual approach to my influence. I wanted to find a way to take the connections we had made online, to take them off of the screen and to turn them into something tangible.

Where’s Mollie Global Travellers Facebook group was born

On 17th April 2017 I was lying in bed, my mind going crazy with ideas. I randomly decided to launch a Facebook group and I named it Global Travellers. I wanted to create a safe space for travellers and aspiring travellers to be able to connect.

Within a week there were 1,000 travellers engaging like crazy and before I knew it people were tagging me and asking me to arrange a time for us all to get together.

8 weeks later, 60 of us met up in Snowdonia for the weekend to climb to the summit and I guess, accidentally, the first WMGT event took place.

Within weeks I was officially set up as a tour operator and using all the knowledge I had gained and absorbed in my 3 years of near constant travel, I begun designing Where’s Mollie itineraries.

Since then I have hosted adventures in the Lake District, Byron Bay, Cornwall and Croatia.

I created Where’s Mollie Global Travellers to be a breath of fresh air in a cloud of confusion. I want it to re-ignite the fire between all of us, to take life back to the very basics and to rebuild human interaction away from technology.

I am so excited to expand and bring new destinations in for 2019.

I have a feeling this is just the beginning for WMGT.


Meet the WMGT Team

Mollie Bylett


CEO, Organiser and Tour Leader

I think, I plan, I create and I execute.

WMGT adventures are currently single handedly planned, executed and led my myself.

Lydia Collins


WMGT Photographer

Lydia has been with us on every adventure since WMGT was born and has perfected the capture of WMGT memories. WMGT wouldn’t be the same without her.

Lydia has extensive experience in shooting fashion, travel and lifestyle imagery which shines through in her ability to deliver a high output of professional media during WMGT adventures.

Lydia’s undeniably loving personality enables her to interact with all guests in a fun and natural way making them feel completely at ease in front of the camera.

Because of Lydia we have magical memories that last long after the event has finished.

Sam Davies


WMGT Filmmaker

Sammy is an incredible storyteller with an extraordinary talent for capturing both the mind blowing scenic shots and the personal interaction between guests.

Sammy has extensive filmmaking knowledge and years of experience that enable him to produce a very high level film quality.

Sammy is completely in sync with the WMGT brand, the guests love him and when you combine that with his passion for the outdoors – he is the perfect addition to the WMGT media team.